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Looking for a good Christmas book?

If you’re on a budget, try Gone but not Forgotten, which you can get for FREE from It’s very insightful and engaging – written with short, catchy chapters that keep you promising yourself to stop reading and get back to work after just one more.

You can get extra copies for $1 each to pass along as appreciated gifts that go along really easily on your Christmas budget.

If you’re more interested in quality than price, the author of Gone but not Forgotten has just completed a major revision and renamed it Courage, Love & the Meaning of Christmas, which is more indicative of the book’s content – adventure, romance, and a surprisingly-thorough explanation of the Meaning of Life and of Christmas. Pick up this Christmas book and it’s sequel, The Perfect Gift, also at

I enjoyed The Perfect Gift even more than the first book. The main difference is that one of the main characters this time is Ski, the roommate of the main character. He’s funny and unique and keeps the dialogue and plot interesting on many surprising levels.

If you read those books, please come back and post your opinion of them here.

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