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Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas first 3 chapters

These first three chapters of the new book Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas give you a small idea of what to expect from this outstanding novel: snappy dialogue, description and action that pops right off the page; deep life-changing insights, strong, interesting, entertaining characters; and plenty of romance.

Rather than read them here at, we invite you to view the actual pages visible via‘s “Click to Look Inside” feature. Click to go there now

Note: Amazon cuts off the last few lines of the chapter, which finishes like this:

“If it wasn’t finals,” Lauren said with a very slight smile, “you might be funny.” With that, she piled her books back into her pack, slung it over one shoulder, and left the room.
After a minute of quiet and just as I began to read again, Ski broke the silence. “I can’t believe you let her get away,” he said, shaking his head. “She’s smart. She’s a keeper.”

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