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Late-Shopper Specials

For all of you who don’t start shopping on Memorial Day and finish by Halloween, here are a couple specials for you to enjoy until Christmas Day (or whenever we remember to update this site!).

First, FREE SHIPPING has been lowered from $39 minimum order to $29 minimum order. This will happen automatically during check out.

Second, enjoy a buck off our two best books: Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas and The Perfect Gift. Get them now for just $10.79 each. Not only will you never regret reading them (or giving them away), but we barely got these finished in time for Christmas this year, you’ll be way ahead of the crowd when these books come out en force next year!

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One Response to “Late-Shopper Specials”

  1. Shaun Roundy says:

    Nevermind! Free shipping now happens at $10, and prices have dropped even more for 2010 – $7.99 and $9.90. Lucky you! Order yours while these low prices last!

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