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Gone but not Forgotten

Christmas Fiction Trilogy

Gone but not Forgotten was the original version of Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas, before a major revision in 2009. It is an inspiring, easy-to-read, 110 page Christmas/ insight/ adventure/ romance novella by Shaun Roundy, MA, that spent over two years in’s top 200 books ranking.


Spencer Cook starts out a rather ordinary person.   He has dreams and wishes, but so far has let his fears keep them from coming true.

All that is about to change.  Thanks to a best friend, a pocketfull of inspiring ideas, and a world of opportunity, read along as he begins to put aside fear and choose courage.  Subtle changes follow that could change his life forever…if he doesn’t crash and burn and lose it all.

Christmas break has just begun. At the last minute, Spencer turns away from home and drives east instead.  If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then the direction you take that step makes all the difference.

In searching for understanding about the meaning of life, Spencer learns about the nature of greatness, the whisper of inspiration, the value of courage, and finds love – but can he keep it?

Dreams and wishes are powerful, dangerous things.  What happens when they don’t come true?  What happens when they all come true?

Gone but not Forgotten will keep you glued to the pages and guessing what happens next right up to the last page (hint: you’ll never guess)Order your copy today for some of the most enjoyable, inspiring, rewarding and life-changing holiday reading available.

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A reader from Pearl City, Hawaii stars-5-0.gif (240 bytes)
Captivating and Life Enhancing!!

I took it with me on vacation to Kauai and read it on the airplane instead of looking out the window at the beautiful volcanic islands below me, I read it laying on the beach instead of going for an early morning snorkel, I read it in the car instead of admiring all the beautiful scenery on the Garden Island but I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.
It’s easy reading but thought provoking and inspiring. Makes me want to make a point of enjoying life more and stop just imagining what it would be like to do all the things I want to do. Thanks S. B. Roundy!
Adam from Logan, UT stars-5-0.gif (240 bytes)
Motivationally philosophical

From the start it gave me a new way to think about life. About what is important, and where I stand in my attempt to follow my dreams. It also gave motivation to work a little harder at making the time for the activities that I love. Living and going to school in the area where the story starts, it was so easy to imagine myself as the character in the story, to feel like I was the one having the adventure. I could not put it down and when I got to the end, I wanted to start over so that I would not have to quit reading/living the adventure. I can’t wait to read the next one.
Carlos from Utah stars-5-0.gif (240 bytes)
A fascinating book that kept me reading to the end.

This is a book you don’t put down until you’re finished. It is full of insights into real life that most of us face at one time or other in our lives. The story line is like a fantasy of a teenager or person in their 20s or early 30s. Even though I’m much older I could identify with the events of the story and relate them to events that still occur in my life. The book deserves a second reading because it is so full of insights that you need to read it again to focus on each of them one at a time.
Ben Wagenman from Tempe, AZ stars-5-0.gif (240 bytes)
totally believable adventure romance
i loved this book because it’s the first adventure-romance novel i felt like i could relate to. not because anything really similar happened in that type of setting for me, but i could visualize it happening and me being there and feeling everything like that. shaun has a style that puts the reader right in the situation, as if you were actually there. this book shows an aspect of life that you don’t usually get in most books. i would compare it to stumbling across an old map showing where to find a hidden treasure–a treasure found in life.
A reader from Utah stars-5-0.gif (240 bytes)

This book reaches inside the hearts and souls of all its readers, any age. It ignites a flame for life inside your heart. It reminds you of the sweet child-like innocence life can so quickly rush you away from. It is realistic, very down to earth. It is certainly a keeper, a re-reader.
A reader from Orem, Utah stars-5-0.gif (240 bytes)
A great book, that makes you think about life!!
This book was great. I kept wanting to read more. It made me want to do better and better each day. It was definitely thought provoking. I can’t wait until the next book is published.
A reader from Utah stars-5-0.gif (240 bytes)
This book is awesome!!!

This book is easy to read and makes you think. It relates to everyone in someway at sometime in their life. I think that the author has done a good job at bringing two people’s lives together and giving us a chance to learn about them. This is a definite reader!
Robby Crockett from Provo, Utah stars-5-0.gif (240 bytes)
It’s a great life guide. Nothing compares.

This is seriously one of the best books that I’ve read. After reading it all I wanted to do was take all of my dates cross-country skiing into the mountains. It was written in a way that I could just dive into it. The philosophies on life that he suggests are a lot of what I want to live by. I gave it out to a couple of people for Christmas presents, and they have come back to buy more and give them to there friends. I highly, highly recommend this book.

ISBN 1-893594-00-9   University of Life Press

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2 Responses to “Gone but not Forgotten”

  1. Charlene McIntyre says:

    I have finished reading book 2 of the “Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas” trilogy on my kindle. I am having trouble finding the third book. I see a preview of “A Fall from Heaven” at the end of the 2nd book. On this website, it looks like the 3rd book might be titled “Gone but not Forgotten”. Bottom line is: what is the title of the 3rd book, and can I get it on my kindle?

  2. Shaun Roundy says:

    Book 3 will be called “A Fall from Heaven.” I hoped to finish it just in time for Christmas this year, but unfortunately the stars and the viruses and stacks of papers to grade and complexity of some decisions I need to make for the plot didn’t align! Now I hope to finish up later this spring.

    Thanks very much to everyone for the messages telling me how much you’ve enjoyed the first two books! That keeps book three near the top of the do list. If you’d like to be notified as soon as it’s ready, just send an email to and you’ll automatically get added to the list.

    Happy New Year!

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