Written by Alexander Rådahl on October 3, 2017

2008 October | Christmas Novels

What makes a good stocking-stuffer book?

First, it must be a good, easy read. Everyone appreciates a light read for the holidays.

Second, it must be inspiring. If not, maybe it’s good…but not perfect.

Finally, it mustn’t be too expensive. If you’re paying fifteen bucks, it’s a gift, not a stocking stuffer.

So if you’re looking for a perfect stocking stuffer book, you’ll want to try Gone but not Forgotten by Shaun Roundy. Not only is it a good read, but you can get a copy of this Christmas book for FREE! Pick up as many additional copies as you want for just $1 each at www.FreeChristmasBooks.com.

While there, be sure to check out the major revision, Courage, Love & the Meaning of Christmas, which they claim is ten times better than the popular original, and the sequel, The Perfect Gift.

Article written by Alexander Rådahl
Alexander is the founder of Christmas Novels, a website that presents Christmas-themed books and other fun items. He has always enjoyed reading engaging stories, and his goal is to give people adventure novels about Christmas. He is excited to discover what people will find when they visit this website!