Written by Alexander Rådahl on October 3, 2017

2010 March | Christmas Novels

We recently completed a very minor revision of Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas and submitted the changes to the printer.

We corrected a dozen minor typos and added a page and a half to tie up a tiny loose end that we hope no one noticed in the first place!

If you previously ordered a copy and would like us to email you the addition, please request it from the author using the contact form at https://christmasnovels.com/christmas-writing/about-the-author/

All orders through Amazon or directly from the printer will receive this updated version (identifiable by the 2010 copyright inside the front cover).

While the changes are implemented, the book may be unavailable directly from the printer until approximately April 3, 2010.

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Article written by Alexander Rådahl
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