Written by Alexander Rådahl on January 27, 2021

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shaunogdenfalls-9466211Shaun Roundy earned an MA in writing and has spent over a decade teaching university students to bring their writing to life with vivid detail, lively dialogue, rich insights, and interesting, plausible plots that pop right off the page. His own writing exemplifies these same skills and results in what is arguably the best Christmas writing on the market.

Shaun’s life reflects the same passion, intensity, and devotion. His life experience boasts extensive world travel including living on four continents and one tropical island, introspection and study, outdoor adventure (including ten years on a busy volunteer search and rescue team), and much more.

All these factors combine with his mild case of perfectionism to bring you lively reading whose impact on your life will far outlast the engaging, exciting, humorous, insightful, inspiring experience you will enjoy while reading his well-crafted books.

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Article written by Alexander Rådahl
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