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It's this time of year again - Christmas is just around the corner! In our blog, we will discuss some tips and tricks for Christmas. Whether you're shopping for a loved one or simply trying to plan ahead, these tips will help ensure that your holiday goes smoothly.

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Looking for a good Christmas book? If you’re on a budget, try Gone but not Forgotten, which you can get for FREE from It’s very insightful and engaging – written with short, catchy chapters that keep you promising yourself to stop reading and get back to work after just one more. You can get Read more

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What makes a good stocking-stuffer book? First, it must be a good, easy read. Everyone appreciates a light read for the holidays. Second, it must be inspiring. If not, maybe it’s good…but not perfect. Finally, it mustn’t be too expensive. If you’re paying fifteen bucks, it’s a gift, not a stocking stuffer. So if you’re Read more

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