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Halloween has barely passed – you probably have some candy still laying around (not the good stuff, though, sadly icon_smile-3308244 – and yet it seems the Christmas season has already begun, what with store advertising, children making Christmas wish lists, and consumers looking forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Sales of Christmas books have also begun their annual spike – both according to my own sales and a friend’s book distribution company. Last winter, thousands of readers of Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas and its sequel, The Perfect Gift, pushed it as high as #421 on Amazon’s best selling book list.

We hope this year to fare even better as many of those readers recommend the book to friends, and with thousands of new Kindle’s out there, this should be plentifully possible.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the price for the Kindle version of Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas has again been reduced to just 99 cents! That’s the cheapest Amazon allows me to post it.

So please share this post with your friends and help me spread the word! Authors truly depend on readers to help them market their books – so if you enjoyed these or others of my books and would like to see more, please know that helping me spread the word is the best guarantee that I’ll have the time to write them!

Thank you all and……I’m afraid it’s just too early to wish you a Merry Christmas already, so Happy Thanksgiving!

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There’s no question that Christmas books are extremely popular – but what do you love about them?

Here are a few of the traits that many Christmas books have in common, and I’d be very interested to hear how you feel about them, or others:

  • The Christmas Spirit. Most Christmas stories include instances of generosity, love, forgiveness, and sacrifice. These tales remind us the innate value of living and giving.
  • Quick reads. The only Christmas book I can think of over 250 pages is the Bible (and most of that isn’t directly about Christmas, even though Christ’s birth is one of the two most important moments). Do you prefer books that you can sit down and read between cooking, shopping, visiting, etc.?
  • Simple writing. Most Christmas books are pretty light reading. They don’t tax your brain while they replenish your heart and spirit.

Well, that’s what comes to mind for me. Think of your favorite Christmas book, or what you’d like to find in one, and please comment below.

Thanks! And Merry Christmas.

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I just checked the current Amazon.com bestsellers rankings for Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas and The Perfect Gift, and they’ve made some big jumps in the last ten days.

CLMC jumped nearly HALF A MILLION places from 593,420 to 141,830.

TPG jumped even further – 5.85 MILLION places – from 5,992,480 to 146,447.

Thanks, readers, for making it so! Clearly, you’re enjoying these new Christmas books and spreading the word, and coming back to read the sequel.

I hope we’ll eventually regain the top 200 ranking as the original version of CLMC held for about two years!

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It’s that time of year again. You’re making your lists and checking them thrice. You’re wondering what to buy for your kids, your parents, your significant other, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and whoever gets your white elephant gift (and you’d like to hear some “ooh”s and “ahhh”s when it gets unwrapped).

You’ve thought about buying books, and here are a few good reasons to think about it seriously:

  1. Inexpensive. Most Christmas books cost between $8 and $18. That fits most gift budgets, and it’s difficult to find a classier gift for under $25.

    If you want really cheap gifts for lots of people you aren’t that close to, you can find several relatively good Christmas books for under $5. Consider Gone but not Forgotten on this site, for example – you can get a free copy, and additional copies for just $2 each, and it’s a very popular book with tons of great reader comments on Amazon.

  2. Unique.
    Are you shopping for someone who seems to already have everything he or she needs? With new Christmas books coming out every year, you can be assured that the recipient probably doesn’t have them all yet.
  3. Enjoyable.
    Okay, we admit that many Christmas books turn out a bit simplistic and cheesy, but even then their touching, inspiring message can be difficult to resist.
    So what about the well-written books? You get to not only enjoy a good story, but the multi-layered holiday message adds an extra bit of sweetness.
  4. Make the world a better place.
    The thing that makes the holidays so nice is that everyone’s on board with feeling warm feelings to all mankind, and especially as the outdoor temperatures drop, all those warm feelings and bright, colorful lights can’t help but make you more charitable, forgiving, grateful, giving, and other Christmas values, regardless of your personal views on religion. Christmas books help readers access this Christmas spirit better than ever.
  5. Perfect winter activity.
    Yes, yes, getting all dressed up and going outside for a fun snowball fight or building snow figures in the yard, going skiing or sledding or tubing, and other winter pursuits are terrific fun, but with winter’s short days and cold temps, you can’t spend all day outside. So grab a good book and curl up by the fire with a warm blanket and cup of hot cocoa. It’s a sure way to turn Christmas into the most wonderful time of the year, just like the carol says.
  6. Reading: the Forgotten Pleasure
    With modern life’s constant hustle and bustle, many people have forgotten how much they once loved to read. Or if they haven’t forgotten, they forget to make time for it. With a Christmas book in hand, it’s natural to sit down and read a chapter or two and rediscover the way reading turns the brain on in such pleasurable ways.
  7. Quick reads
    Most Christmas books are relatively short, making them perfect for reading in just a few sittings. The best ones, of course, won’t let the reader put them down, so they go even faster.

So there’s our list. It’s true, isn’t it?! Now you know what to buy for your Christmas list this year! After all, “friends don’t let friends gift fruitcake.” icon_smile-3308244

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We’re experimenting with price points and we just lowered our prices for 2010 - Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas will now go for just $7.99 and The Perfect Gift is only $9.90.

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  3. telling your friends!

Thanks! We truly need your support in getting the word around.

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Amazon.com just put Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas on sale for just $7.95. Lowest price ever! Get there anytime with this link: http://tinyurl.com/christmasbook

Find the sequel, The Perfect Gift, at http://tinyurl.com/christmasnovel.

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Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas and The Perfect Gift are now listed on Amazon.com (includes free super-saver shipping!).

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