Written by Alexander Rådahl on April 6, 2017

Christmas Novels | Christmas Novels

Halloween has barely passed – you probably have some candy still laying around (not the good stuff, though, sadly icon_smile-4606722 – and yet it seems the Christmas season has already begun, what with store advertising, children making Christmas wish lists, and consumers looking forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Sales of Christmas books have also begun their annual spike – both according to my own sales and a friend’s book distribution company. Last winter, thousands of readers of Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas and its sequel, The Perfect Gift, pushed it as high as #421 on Amazon’s best selling book list.

We hope this year to fare even better as many of those readers recommend the book to friends, and with thousands of new Kindle’s out there, this should be plentifully possible.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the price for the Kindle version of Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas has again been reduced to just 99 cents! That’s the cheapest Amazon allows me to post it.

So please share this post with your friends and help me spread the word! Authors truly depend on readers to help them market their books – so if you enjoyed these or others of my books and would like to see more, please know that helping me spread the word is the best guarantee that I’ll have the time to write them!

Thank you all and……I’m afraid it’s just too early to wish you a Merry Christmas already, so Happy Thanksgiving!

Article written by Alexander Rådahl
Alexander is the founder of Christmas Novels, a website that presents Christmas-themed books and other fun items. He has always enjoyed reading engaging stories, and his goal is to give people adventure novels about Christmas. He is excited to discover what people will find when they visit this website!