Written by Alexander Rådahl on February 6, 2015

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These first three chapters of the new book Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas give you a small idea of what to expect from this outstanding novel: snappy dialogue, description and action that pops right off the page; deep life-changing insights, strong, interesting, entertaining characters; and plenty of romance.

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Note: Amazon cuts off the last few lines of the chapter, which finishes like this:

“If it wasn’t finals,” Lauren said with a very slight smile, “you might be funny.” With that, she piled her books back into her pack, slung it over one shoulder, and left the room.
After a minute of quiet and just as I began to read again, Ski broke the silence. “I can’t believe you let her get away,” he said, shaking his head. “She’s smart. She’s a keeper.”

Article written by Alexander Rådahl
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