Written by Alexander Rådahl on January 27, 2021

What’s so great about Christmas Books? | Christmas Novels

There’s no question that Christmas books are extremely popular – but what do you love about them?

Here are a few of the traits that many Christmas books have in common, and I’d be very interested to hear how you feel about them, or others:

  • The Christmas Spirit. Most Christmas stories include instances of generosity, love, forgiveness, and sacrifice. These tales remind us the innate value of living and giving.
  • Quick reads. The only Christmas book I can think of over 250 pages is the Bible (and most of that isn’t directly about Christmas, even though Christ’s birth is one of the two most important moments). Do you prefer books that you can sit down and read between cooking, shopping, visiting, etc.?
  • Simple writing. Most Christmas books are pretty light reading. They don’t tax your brain while they replenish your heart and spirit.

Well, that’s what comes to mind for me. Think of your favorite Christmas book, or what you’d like to find in one, and please comment below.

Thanks! And Merry Christmas.

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Article written by Alexander Rådahl
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